The AQUEOUS Layline Carbon V1 is available now!


We are more than excited to present our first wing after close to two years of extensive R&D.

The AQUEOUS Layline Carbon V1 is available in 3.5m, 4.5m and 6m. 


Each size has been uniquely developed on its own and designed to cover a wide range of wind conditions.

Aqueous Layline V1 3.5m wing technical drawing
Aqueous Layline V1 4.5m wing technical drawing
Aqueous Layline V1 6m wing technical drawing

A mix of light weight glass and carbon fiber battens support the fully transparent monofilm canopy. 


We feel like it is impossible to go back to a wing without any windows and even wings that do have windows will make you feel like riding blind.

Clear sight is as much a safety feature as it boosts riding performance.


Yet these benefits are an added bonus to one of the main reasons we chose to work with monofilm from our very first prototype in November 2021: virtually zero stretch!

The direct power transfer is something you will notice immediately in the short term. 

It creates stability and improves both low end grunt and high end gust management at the same time.


At long term the designed profile and canopy shaping is preserved, as it does not stretch and bag out compared to traditional wing materials.

Aqueous wings R&D test session

The wing has a unique leading edge design that preserves profile shape all the way to tips of the canopy.


The frame is made of Dimension-Polyant P85, possibly the lightest frame material to date.

Leading edge and strut are pumped to 8psi via comfortable and reliable SUP valves.


It comes with a slim expandable bag, a waist leash, and a EVA covered full length carbon boom.